Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Read his feet

Is he telling the truth?
Check the tip of his toes.
If you suspect your new man is being economical with the truth, check out whether his toes curve off to the side. If the toe is straight until the top part of it, which goes off at an angle, he could be very good at lying his way through situations.

Will he be faithful?
Check the width.
Men with slim feet are more likely to take their time over things, enjoying the aesthetic side of life. They love looking at beautiful sunsets, paintings...or a stunning woman. A man like this values looks so much, he's going to be looking for nothing less than Helle Berry.

Will he care about your feelings?
Check the pad of his toes.
A man with big toes pad will be a deep thinker. This man wont cheat, because he's more likely to have thought seriously about your relationship even before it started. However, if you want him to share his deepest thoughts with you, the width of the big toe is important. If it's very narrow, but the rest of the toe pad is very big, you got yourself the classic strong, silent type!
*taken from CLEO
'KAKI GEMBIRA'..haha:pp
* sapa tak tengok cite ni lagi baik tengok..comel:)


  1. thnx anyway..
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