Saturday, May 14, 2011

test your vocabulary

little brother, Ameer just came back from school and brought together with him, a set of scrabble. he just won the first place for 'Kajian Tempatan' portfolio. I wanted to be proud of having him as my brother and suddenly mummy said, "everyday I worked so hard for his portfolio so that he wont be scolded by teacher"..ceh!

His story:
"Masa perhimpunan pagi Ameer baru nak duduk tiba-tiba dengar cikgu panggil Muhammad Ameer Aiman bin Bakri. Ameer pun naiklah pentas ambik hadiah.rupanya menang folio Kajian Tempatan". He really excited telling us this where as mummy did 95% of it! ok fine as long as he is happy. hmm by the way, he is just 11.

Scrabble is a good game for brain actually. It really tests our spelling skills where scrabble needs the player to scramble letters to make several words and this really test how strong our vocabulary. even sometimes my little brother came out with words that I'd never know. sometimes lah but still poor me:( Scrabble also tests mathematical skills which involve counting up each word we've made. If your maths is weak then you should play scrabble.heh:)

Poor me! I always get poor combination of letters thus I just come out with 'entah pape' words. wuaaa T_T

Scrabble not only helps you learn new words and definitions, it can improve your memory, enhance your language skills, and exercise your mind muscles for long-term learning. Dont you believe it? just try to play scrabble frequently then you get the result! I bet you can get for at least Band 4 for MUET! it is possible you know. No matter what your beginning skill set, you can quickly learn powerful word combination if you keep playing it. Practices make perfect babe!

The result by the five of us. Aniesz, Ahnaf, Amirul and Ameer (helped by Nadiya). really like kid-words. short and simple meaning. yelah main pun dengan budak-budak.

play scrabble with mummy really challenge my vocabulary skills. She always comes with tough words and I have to check it back in the dictionary to confirm the existence of the word! buat malu je buat word tahap budak sekolah rendah.

wanna drag my boyfriend to play scrabble with me! hohahaha:p

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